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Flights to the Caribbean

Search for cheap airfare to the Caribbean and book a flight to the Caribbean

CaribbeanIt’s quite easy to find affordable flights to the Caribbean, provided you are flexible on choosing the destination. While some of the major islands receive direct flights from major US, European and Canadian airlines, the smaller ones might take even two stops to get to. But generally, you’ll first need to fly into Puerto Rico and then take another flight to your destination.


American Airlines offers the most flights to the Caribbean. Puerto Rico is an important hub and flying into many islands would require a stop here.

Other US airlines which fly into the Caribbean are: Delta, Continental and US Airways.

The European airlines which fly into the Caribbean are: British Airways, KLM and Air France.

Many low cost carriers offer flights to the islands, particularly during Christmas and during the summer season (January to March/April). A lot of charter flights are also available during the peak and high season.

Tips to get a cheap ticket to the Caribbean

First thing you need to know is that you will find cheap tickets to Puerto Rico, Bahamas and St. Maarten. These are big islands and important hubs for the major airlines. So if you can’t find a direct flight to the island of your interest or you want to save some money on the ticket, consider booking a flight to one of these major islands and then take a connection flight to the smaller island.

Take a look at the flights offered by the low-cost carriers. For example, the US low-cost carrier JetBlue offers flights from New York to Aruba.

If you want to visit the islands during Christmas or in the middle of the summer season, make sure to book well in advance. The prices start to climb right before Christmas and won’t stop the trend until April.

If possible, visit the islands during the shoulder season: early December or early April. You’ll save on airfare but you’ll still enjoy the nice weather.

Book the flight in mid-week. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are great to save money even if you come on short notice.

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