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Flights to Guadeloupe

GuadeloupeGuadeloupe is not a popular holiday destination among Americans, which can make airfare quite pricey if you depart from the US or Canada. But it’s quite popular among Europeans, especially French and taking that route would ensure affordable plane tickets.

Airports and Airlines

The island’s main airport is Pointe-a-Pitre International Airport (PTP), located in Pointe-a-Pitre.

If you depart from US, you can catch an American Airlines flight. They fly into Guadeloupe via their Puerto Rico hub. Delta has weekly flights into Guadeloupe via Atlanta.

If you depart from Canada, you can catch a direct flight from Montreal on Air Canada.

Frequent flights are available from Paris on Air France.

Also, smaller Caribbean companies offer flights between the islands.

Tips to get a cheap ticket to Guadeloupe

The pricey season starts with Christmas, continues during New Years and ends only in March, with the end of the high season. Flying during the shoulder season, which is early December or early April, ensures slightly lower prices.

If you decide to fly without much notice, book your flight mid-week rather than during the weekend.

If you want to pop in during the peak and high seasons, make sure to book well in advance.