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Flights to Bonaire

Bonaire AirportBonaire, part of the Dutch Antilles, is not exactly one of the most popular Caribbean destinations. It’s also rather far from the US and it doesn’t have too many resorts on it. Add all those together and you’ll soon realize it’s quite a challenge to find affordable flights to the island.

Airports and Airlines

The main airport on the island is Flamingo International Airport (BON). It’s only served by a couple of main carriers.

American Airlines offers flights to Bonaire from their hub in Puerto Rico, via their American Eagle subsidiary. So if you taken any flight into Puerto Rico, then you can easily get to Bonaire via American Eagle.

Other airlines offer flights via Montego Bay, where Air Jamaica’s hub is located. So this route can also be a good choice when trying to find a cheaper flight.

Continental offers weekend flights from Huston to Bonaire; but because there are so few flights, the prices are rather high.

If you depart from Europe, KLM offers flights to Bonaire from Amsterdam. So for the Europeans that means they need to make one stop in Amsterdam and then head to Bonaire.

Tips to get a cheap ticket to Bonaire

A small island, few main carriers flying into it and few resorts make the perfect recipe for a challenging destination when it comes to cheap tickets.

Here are some tips to find cheap airfare to Bonaire:

  • Christmas and New Years represent peak season in Bonaire. Prices are high and the flights are crowded and already booked months in advance. The high season continues until March so if you are hoping to save some money on the flight, choose to fly during the shoulder season: early December and early April.
  • If you want to fly during the peak and high seasons, book well in advance.
  • Avoid the weekends and fly mid-week: Tuesday and Wednesday. The weekend flights book up very fast and prices are generally higher than during mid-week.