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Flights to St. Lucia

St.LuciaSt. Lucia is a small and pretty remote Caribbean island. However, it’s quite popular among tourists, has a nice resort are and two airports. Finding cheap airfare is possible but sometimes a bit tricky, especially if you fly from Europe.

Airports and airlines

There are two airports in St. Lucia. George FL Charles Airport (SLU) is located closer to the resorts area and receives generally smaller airplanes. Hewanorra International (UVF), located further from the resorts area, is bigger and receives more flights, hence making this choice more affordable.

American Airlines offers direct flights to St. Lucia, both from US hubs –Miami and New York- and from their Caribbean hub in Puerto Rico (on their subsidiary American Eagle). US Airways flies directly into St. Lucia on Saturdays from Philadelphia and Charlotte, while Delta offers direct flights daily from Atlanta.

If you depart from Canada, you can catch a direct flight on WestJet from Toronto. AirCanada offers direct flights from Toronto into St. Lucian, two times per week during the season (December to April) and one per week otherwise.

If you depart from Europe, British Airways offers direct flights from London (Gatwick) into St. Lucia every Wednesday. Virgin Airlines flies directly into St. Lucia both from London and Manchester three times per week. XL offers direct flights from London every Sunday.

Several local airlines fly into St. Lucian as well but generally the fares are higher.

Tips to get a cheap ticket to St. Lucia

If you want to come during the peak season – Christmas and New Years- or high season –January to March – it’s best to book well in advance. Generally the prices start to climb the week before Christmas and won’t stop the trend until end of March. You can fly cheaper during the shoulder season: early December and early April.

If you come on a short notice, try to book your flight in mid-week (Tuesday and Wednesday) rather than during the weekend, when the flights book up faster.