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Flights to Saint Barthelemy

St.BarthsSaint Barthelemy is often called St. Barts or St. Barths. This small and remote Caribbean island is a pretty challenging destination when it comes to cheap plane tickets.

Airports and airlines

The airport on the island is Gustaf III Airport (SBH), also known as Saint Barthelemy Airport or St. Jean Airport. The airport is only served by Caribbean airlines, including WinAir, but none of the long-haul destination airlines have flights into the island.

If you depart from US, you can book your trip directly on major airlines such as Delta, American or US Airways but the direct flight will be into St. Maarten while the final leg into St. Barths will be on one of the local airlines.

If you depart from Europe, you need to fly into St. Maarten either from Amsterdam or London and then catch one of the local flights into St. Barths but you can book your entire flight before leaving Europe.

Tips to find a cheap ticket to Saint Barthelemy

Since there aren’t many airlines serving the island and none of the long-haul destination airlines offer direct flights, it’s hard to find any cheap ticket into St. Barths.

The peak season is represented by Christmas and New Years, while the high season extends until end of March. If you plan to visit during those periods, book well in advance.