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Flights to Montserrat

Unfortunately Mother Nature has been pretty cruel to Montserrat. The capital has been abandoned after a 1989 earthquake, while the 1995 hurricane destroyed what was left of the tourist industry on the island. Today, it’s very hard to get cheap airfare to Montserrat.

Airports and Airlines

The island’s airport is Gerald’s Airport, which still uses the code of MNI from the destroyed airport to the south. The airport can’t handle long-haul flights though.

Only three local carriers fly into Montserrat but you can book your entire journey direct from the US or Europe. If you depart from US, you can book your trip on Delta, Continental, American Airlines or other US carriers. The final leg of the journey is included in the ticket price.

If you depart from Europe, you can fly into Antigua or St.Marteen and then catch one of the local flights. You can depart either from London or Amsterdam and, again, the ticket price includes the final leg of the journey.

How to get a cheap ticket to Montserrat

Since there are few options to get to Montserrat, it’s really difficult to find cheap airfare. Your best bet is to book way ahead of time since the prices tend to go up as the flight’s date draws near.