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Flights to Antigua

AntiguaAlthough only several airlines offer flights to Antigua, it’s quite easy to find affordable seats.

Airports and Airlines

The island’s international airport is located in Saint John’s.

If you depart from North America you can take American Airlines and fly into Puerto Rico, then catch a domestic connection flight. Alternatively, VC Bird International offers flights to Antigua through Newark. Hence you can catch any flight to Puerto Rico or Newark and then fly to Antigua.

If you depart from Europe, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic offer direct flights to Antigua from London, while Condor links Frankfurt to Antigua.

During the high season there are also charter flights available.

Tips to get a cheap ticket to Antigua

Although the choice of airlines flying into Antigua is rather limited, you can still find affordable seats. Here are some tips to find cheap airfare to Antigua:

  • As much as possible try to avoid the peak and high seasons. Christmas and New Year represent two of the busiest times of year in the Caribbean. The high season continues through the end of March. So try to fly to Antigua during the shoulder season –early December and early April – to save some money on airfare. You’ll still be able to enjoy the nice weather though.
  • Flying on Tuesdays and Wednesdays is a very good choice and will save you some money than if you fly during the weekend.
  • Book well in advance as the prices start to climb in December and won’t stop until the high season is over. Practically the only time the prices are low is during the off season.
  • Check if there are any charter flights available to Antigua or Puerto Rico. Also check the low-cost carriers that fly into Puerto Rico. It might be cheaper to take a low-cost flight to another island and then fly into Antigua.