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Flights to Jamaica

jamaicaJamaica is a very popular year-round destination, both for its resorts and its culture. A lot of carriers serve Jamaica’s airports which makes it easy to find cheap airfare.

Airports and airlines

There are two important airports in Jamaica: Sangster International Airport (MJB), located in Montego Bay, which generally serves tourists flocking to the resorts; and Norman Manley International Airport (KIN), located near the capital of Kingston, which is the place here those interested in the culture arrive.

Montego Bay is by far the busiest of the two, many airlines serving it, which results in lower fares. American Airlines has frequent flights here from Miami, while Continental offers direct flights from House. US Airlines connects to Montego Bay via Charlotte. Many other carriers offer flights from major US cities directly into the resorts areas.

Kingston is a bit trickier to get into and the fares are a bit higher than on Montego Bay. However, if you need to get to a location closer to the capital, you should definitely consider flying here. American Airlines serves Kingston from Miami. Several other US airlines also offer flights into Jamaica’s capital.

If you depart from Europe, British Airways offers direct flights from London to Kingston. During the high season, several other airlines, including low-cost ones, offer direct flights into Montego Bay from different European cities.

Tips to get a cheap ticket to Jamaica

Jamaica is a year-round destination but clearly the prices are at their highest starting from Christmas, through New Years and ending in March. Hence you can save some money by arriving here either in early-December or early-April. Just remember to book in advance.

If you are flying on a short notice or just want to save some money, opt for a mid-week flight rather than during the weekend.