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Flights to Bahamas

Bahamas islandsBahamas is one of the larger island chains in the Caribbean. It’s also really close to the United States, which means you’ll be able to find affordable flights quite easily. Unfortunately, none of the European airlines fly into Bahamas.

Airports and Airlines

There are several airports located on the islands in the archipelago, but two of them receive the bulk of international flights: Nassau International Airport (NAS), located on New Providence Island and Freeport Airport (FPO), located on Grand Bahamas. However, connecting flights to the other smaller islands are available from these two major airports, making it easy to reach them.

Nassau, located just 10 miles from the capital city, receives the majority of flights from the US. American Airlines has the most flights and offers the cheapest flights. Most of their flights connect through Ft. Lauderdale. Other airlines- such as Continental, Delta, United –also offer direct flights, most often through Ft. Lauderdale as well or through Atlanta. Other flights are available from New York and Philadelphia.

Air Canada also offers flights into Nassau once a week, departing from Montreal and Toronto.

Unfortunately, none of the European airlines fly directly into Bahamas. Most often travelers need to make a stop in Miami before departing to Bahamas.

Tips to get a cheap ticket to Bahamas

Considering its proximity to the US and the number of flights available, it’s quite easy to get an affordable seat in one of the planes heading to Bahamas.

Here are some tips to find cheap airfare to Bahamas:

  • As much as possible, try to avoid the peak and high seasons, which starts right before Christmas, comprises the New Year and extends to the end of March. Flying during the shoulder season –early December or early April- means you’ll find cheaper tickets and you’ll be still enjoying the beautiful weather.
  • Check if there are any low-cost flights to one of the American Airlines hubs in the southern US. Fly into that airport and then take a flight into Bahamas. You’ll save some money than if you fly directly from New York into Bahamas, for example.
  • If possible fly during mid week –Tuesday or Wednesday. Weekends are always crowded and the prices are generally higher.
  • Book as early as possible mostly if you need to fly during the high season or on a weekend.