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Flights to Curacao

CuracaoCuracao is a small island in the Dutch Antilles. Despite being small, it’s very popular among tourists and there are enough chances to find affordable flights.

Airports and airlines

The main important airport on the island is Hato International Airport (CUR), located not far from the capital, Willemstad. American Airlines dominates the skies and offers most flights into Curacao departing from Miami. Other airlines also fly into Curacao but the cheapest alternative proves to be the one via Miami. Continental also offers several flights to Curacao from Huston and New York.

If you depart from Europe, there are several airlines departing from Amsterdam, including KLM, Arkefly and Martinair. Ironically though, even if you fly from Europe, the best airfare can be obtained by flying into Miami and then catching an American Airlines flight into Curacao.

Tips to get a cheap ticket to Curacao

Since American Airlines dominate the skies, it’s easy to get a cheap flight to Curacao. Just remember to book well in advance if you want to fly during the peak or high season (from mid-December to end of March). Otherwise, just plan to fly in early December and early April to save some money.

If you are flexible avoid flying during the weekend when the flights are crowded and more expensive. Fly during mid-week (Tuesday and Wednesday) instead.