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Flights to Cuba

Havana AirportIt may be illegal for US citizens to travel to Cuba but Canadians and Europeans can find a lot of flights into Havana. Unfortunately, without the US competition, it’s hard to find cheap airfare.

Airports and Airlines

The main airport in Cuba is Jose Martí International Airport (HAV) located just outside the capital, Havana. It can be reached directly from Canada, Europe and Mexico. A lot of flights arrive from Cancun (Mexico).

If you depart from Canada, Air Canada offers direct flights both from Toronto and Montreal.

If you depart from Europe, London is a major hub for airlines flying into Havana. Some of them include: Virgin Atlantic, Iberia Airlines and Air Europa. Flights from Paris and Madrid are also available.

Flights into smaller Cuban airports are also available. Additionally, charter airlines fly into several Cuban resort areas but the options are rather limited.

Tips to get a cheap ticket to Cuba

A good way to save some money on your airplane ticket to Cuba is to book well in advance. Since the island is very popular among Canadians, flights do get crowded especially during the peak and high season: that’s from mid-December to end of March.

As much as possible try to fly mid-week –Tuesday and Wednesday- and avoid the crowded weekend flights while saving a bit on the ticket as well.

If you depart from Europe, check several possible routes. Airlines might not leave just from the biggest airport in the respective country. So spend some time to find the best option.

If you book your vacation via a travel agent, always ask about a charter flight. If you fly right smack in the middle of the season, charter flights are a good idea, otherwise you won’t find any.

Note: Americans can travel to Cuba legally; if you are journalist, student, politician, if you have a research project in Cuba or if you are Cuban American you can fly into Cuba although you need to have a license to travel from USA.