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Flights to Martinique

MartiniqueMartinique is one of the remote Caribbean islands, which doesn’t have much of a tourist industry. Combine those two aspects and you’ve got yourself a headache when trying to find cheap airfare to Martinique.

Airports and airlines

The main airport on the island is Aime Cesaire International Airport (FDF), located in La Lamentin, right near the capital of Fort-de-France.

American Airlines has frequent flights into Martinique via their American Eagle subsidiary from Puerto Rico . Generally you can catch any flight into Puerto Rico and then switch to American Eagle for the last leg of your journey.

Delta offers less frequent flights from Atlanta into Martinique, but this is not a good option if you are looking to save some money on the airplane ticket. Plus, since the service is not frequent, you’ll need to connect via several other islands to actually get to Martinique, which clearly ads to the price.

If you depart from Europe, you can catch an Air France flight from Paris into Martinique. Air France also offers connections from their other Caribbean possessions into Martinique.

Smaller Caribbean airlines also connect to Martinique but, unfortunately, that doesn’t lower the fares either.

Tips to get a cheap ticket to Martinique

Your best bet to get a cheap ticket is to fly on American Airlines during mid-week (Tuesday and Wednesday), avoid the peak and high season –from Christmas through end of March- and book far in advance.