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Flights to Anguilla

AnguillaAnguilla is a tiny island and it might be rather challenging to fly here. Most often you’d need to stop in Puerto Rico to change the plane.

Airports and Airlines

The only international airport on Anguilla is Wallblake(AXA). American Airlines is the only US airline serving the island through their subsidiary -American Eagle- and only via Puerto Rico.

You can easily reach Anguilla if you fly into Puerto Rico from one of the American or European airports which offer direct flights and then take American Eagle to get to Anguilla.

Tips to get a cheap ticket to Anguilla

Here are some tips to find cheap airfare to Anguilla:

  • Try to avoid the peak season, which is Christmas and New Years. The high season extends to March. Try to fly during the shoulder season –early December and early April – which will save you some money while you can still enjoy the nice weather.
  • Try to fly during mid-week. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are a good choice. The weekends are also crowded because of the tourists who get few vacations days.
  • Flying into St.Maarten will save you a lot of money on airfare. The island is really close to Anguilla. Once there you can grab an eight minute flight or a ferry to get to Anguilla.
  • Book well in advance; because there aren’t many flights available anyway, the prices continue to climb from December through March.