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Vacations in the Caribbean

CaribbeanEveryone dreams to spend their vacation in the Caribbean. Couples want to get married here and spend the honeymoon in this beautiful region. Those living in colder climates can’t wait to escape the winter and spend a lovely vacation in the Caribbean.

Accommodation in the Caribbean ranges from cheap – if you like to camp -, affordable – if you like to stay at smaller hotels run by islanders or if you visit the islands during the low season – or expensive (even very expensive).

In general, the Caribbean it a luxury destination and you’ll find plenty of resorts which advertise that. Thankfully, even those resorts offer discounted packages during the low season: June to November, in general.

Most resorts prefer to offer all inclusive packages, which range from wedding, honeymoon to diving, golf or spa packages. Pay attention to what the packages include and if the taxes are included in the room price or not. Most resorts cater for the families but there will be some which do not allow kids under a certain age or at all. Those are the so called “couples resorts”.

You won’t be bored if you stay at a resort. There are plenty of things to do without having to leave the resort.

If you prefer more freedom, you can always check out the list of accommodation offered by the locals. These are available via the tourism boards on pretty much any island.

Obviously hiking, walking, checking out the wildlife are very good ideas since the region offers a lot of interesting things to do. In general though, everyone comes to the Caribbean for swimming, diving, snorkeling and other water sports.

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