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Vacations in Cuba

beach in cubaCuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and stands really close to the US. Due to the restrictions imposed, it’s very hard for Americans to visit Cuba. But that doesn’t stop the country for being a popular Caribbean travel destination.


There are plenty of places to stay in Cuba, ranging from the relatively cheap 2 stars hotels in the capital, Havana, to the exclusive resorts located right on the beach. Most of the resorts offer all-inclusive packages and during the low season you can find excellent discounts.

Most of the resorts are just perfect if you want to take your significant other for a romantic escape. But they are also nice for a family vacation.

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Things to do

There are more than 400 natural beaches in Cuba so no wonder tourists visit the country to soak in the sun and practice water sports.

Scuba diving and snorkeling are very popular among tourists, with the famous Bay of Pigs (Bahia de Cochinos) being a favorite destination for practicing these sports.

Don’t forget visiting the museums, hiking in the forests, bird watching and enjoying Havana’s nightlife.

Americans visiting Cuba

Unfortunately the US restricts citizens from visiting Cuba, although Cuba allows US citizens to enter the country. US citizens are allowed to enter Cuba based on either a general license or a specific license.

The general license can be obtained by journalists on assignment in Cuba, by full time professionals conducting studies in Cuba and by persons on official government business.

The special license can be granted, based on paper work, to: persons visiting their immediate family in Cuba, full time graduates conducting academic research to obtain a degree, students participating and study aboard programs, professors traveling to Cuba to teach, freelance journalists, persons engaging in cultural exhibitions, humanitarian projects or religious activities.

It’s impossible for a US citizen to travel to Cuba for the purpose of tourism. Evidently, those wanting to travel to Cuba can find a way to organize in groups which fit under the descriptions above.

It is easier though to enter Cuba via Canada, Mexico or Bahamas. Direct flights to Cuba are available from these locations. The alternative via Mexico is the most popular and the safer of all.