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Vacations in British Virgin Islands

Vacation in BVIBritish Virgin Islands (or BVI in short) are a self-governing British overseas territory located in the Caribbean. Comprising 16 inhabited and more than 40 uninhabited islands, BVI are a magnet for tourist although not so much for those who want to save some money.


Accommodation is in short supply which makes it expensive. If you prefer to rent a yacht, expect to pay about US$250 per day for this type of “accommodation”, which is very popular among travelers.

The hotels are rather pricey and if you combine that with some dining and clubbing you can easily spend US$200 a day. If you are on a budget, stay in one of the guesthouses or camp…it will still add up to about US$100 a day though.

A good idea is to check the BVI Tourist Board list of the accommodation available here. It’s easy to find some nice places owned by locals and where you won’t pay an arm and a leg for accommodation.

The resorts in BVI are different from what you would expect in the Caribbean. Most of the packages are all inclusive and there are special packages for those looking to get married here or spend their honeymoon here

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Things to do

The main attraction on the islands is, by far, nature. The coral reefs and the sandy beaches draw a lot of tourists wanting to explore them, while the seaside villages make for a picturesque sight.

The historical villages, the Botanical Garden and rain forest on Sage Mountain in Tortola are also among the preferred places to visit.

BVI are one of the most popular sailing areas in the Caribbean. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that their location and geography attract a lot of yacht charter companies and yachting enthusiasts.

‘The Rhone’ is the most popular diving site in the BVI. It used to be the Royal Mail Steamer until it sank in a hurricane on October 29, 1867.

It is illegal to fish in the BVI without a permit. A temporary permit can be obtained from the Department of Conservation and Fisheries.

Obviously seafood – mostly lobster – is the food of choice in the BVI and when it comes to drinking try the rum. Many beach stands don’t offer any refreshments so bring your own water if you don’t fancy the alcohol.

If you plan to rent a car you can do that in Tortola. You will need a temporary BVI driving license (available at rental agencies for US$10) and your valid home driving license. Driving is on the left.