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Resorts in the Caribbean

Resort in the CaribbeanResorts, offering in general all inclusive packages, are to be found on every big Caribbean island. They range from “giants” comprising hotels, shops, swimming pools, tennis courts and other activities to smaller, hidden resorts either secluded on private islands or perched on the side of the mountain. In general, resorts are expensive but the discount season is a great time to visit if you want to save some money.

Tourist season

In the entire Caribbean area, the peak season lasts between Christmas and New Years, and the high season extends until end of April. Generally speaking, by mid-May the prices start to lower.

The wet season – June to November – always brings lower prices. It’s the time when storms are rather frequent but they don’t last long. As for the hurricanes, they are possible but not exactly a threat.


Prices vary according to season. They start to climb in mid-December, being at their highest during Christmas and New Years and still high until the end of April. The accommodation is cheaper by mid-May when resorts start to offer discounted packages.

During the high season most resorts offer different packages, ranging from wedding, honeymoon to diving or golf packages. They can be a good way to save some money even during the high season.

Pay attention to the taxes not included in the room price. In general, none of the taxes are included in the room price but if you purchase all inclusive packages, taxes might be included.

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