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Resorts in Cayman Islands

resort in cayman islandsThe bulk of the accommodation is on Grand Cayman but there are plenty of options on the smaller islands as well.

The dive resorts are located off the main hotel “strip” Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. On Little Cayman you’ll also find plenty of dive resorts and some of the best diving places in the Caribbean.

Climate and tourist season

During the peak season (winter) the temperatures are at a comfortable 75 F during the day and 68 F during the night. The humidity is low. During the summer (off season) the temperatures average 83 F during the day. The wet season lasts from mid-May to October when short showers are pretty common in the afternoon but the chances of hurricane are very slim.

The peak season starts in mid-December and ends in mid-April. The prices are at their highest and the hotels are pretty much booked up. So if you have a bit of flexibility, consider visiting the islands during summer. The weather is still warm, the accommodation is really cheap – as much as 40% cheaper than in peak season – and it’s not exactly crowded either.

Worth trying

The Reef Resort

The resort, rated at 4 stars, is located in Grand Cayman, on the east end of the island. With 1600 ft of beachfront, a dive shop, pool complexes, tennis court, internet café and a location pretty close to all major tourist attractions on the island, the resort offers 60 rooms. All rooms have AC, cable TV, ceiling fan and private balconies. During the summer season, prices range between US$189/night/room (oceanfront studio) and US$429/night/room (oceanfront two bedroom villa). During the high season prices range between US$286/night/room (oceanfront studio) and US$524/night/room (oceanfront two bedroom villa).

Cobalt Coast Resort and Suites

This resort, rated at 3 stars, is located in Grand Cayman, on the northwestern shore of Boatswains Bay. The property doesn’t have a private beach. It’s a resort dedicated to divers with a dive shop and possibility to take diving lessons. There is also the possibility to dive for an unlimited time at two locations. All rooms have AC, cable TV, direct phones, coffeemakers and many other facilities. There are only 18 rooms and the prices include the resort fee. Price range between $240/night/room for a standard room and US$495/night/room for a suite. It is one of the most crowded resorts in the area so make sure to book well in advance.