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Resorts in Barbados

crane resort in barbadosMost of the popular resorts are located right on or very close to the best beaches in Barbados: Accra Beach, Barclays Park, Bathsheba Soup Bowl, Bottom Bay, Brighton Beach and many more. Also the resorts offer access to their private pools and beaches.

Tourist season

The climate is tropical and is characterized by two seasons: dry – December to May – and wet – June to November. Due to its location, Barbados is not in the pass of hurricanes or storms which makes it a tourist destination year round. The peak season is during Christmas and New years, while the high season extends until March.

Worth Trying

There is plenty of accommodation to choose from when you visit Barbados. It depends on what you want to do during vacation and how much you plan to spend. Looking into discounted packages is a great way to save some money. Alternatively, plan to visit the island during the shoulder or low season.

The Crane

A beautiful resort (see photo) perched on a cliff top and offering an incredible setting for your vacation, it offers two types of accommodations: historic hotel rooms & private residences. The resort is located on Crane Beach, one of the best beaches in the world. All suites have access to a private pool. Within the resort there are two restaurants. During the low season expect to pay between US$161/night and US$315/night, depending on the type of room you choose. During the high season prices range between US$221/night and US$1071/night, depending on the type of room you choose. The prices do not include breakfast and are per room (2 persons).

Accra Beach Resort

Accra is located right on the beach and offers 146 rooms with incredible views. There is a beautiful swimming pool and a pool bar within the resort. A gym, several restaurants and the private beach completes the scenery and makes it a perfect destination for travelers. During the high season (winter rates) expect to pay between US$202/night and US$1030/night depending on the type of room you prefer. During the shoulder season – October to mid-December and mid-April to mid-June – expect to pay between US$186/night and US$910/night depending on the type of room you prefer. The prices don’t include breakfast and are for room (2 persons).