The islands of the Caribbean Sea are located in the Atlantic Ocean, roughly sprung between North and South America. With year round good weather – except the hurricane season in some places – the islands have long been known as vacation destinations for those who want to escape colder climates or spend their dream honeymoon here.

In the pages of WhyGo Caribbean you’ll find all the information needed to plan your vacation either in very popular places or in more secluded areas. Lately, there’s been a trend to increase independent travel in the Caribbean and we are here to guide you towards your dream destination.

Greater Antilles

The Greater Antilles comprise four relative large islands (in total 5 nations) located to the south and southeast of Florida, US.

Cuba : an exotic place especially for the Americans, Cuba is an island where you can find the famous cigar, stroll on the streets of old cities and relax on the beaches. Many budget hotels and hostels are available in the country, but there are also expensive resorts to choose from. Read about this interesting country and then book your flight and vacation .

Haiti : located in the less touristy part of the Hispaniola, Haiti doesn’t offer many places to stay but before you venture away, make sure to check out the traditions and culture. If you plan a vacation in Haiti make sure to read about the available flights and place to stay.

Dominican Republic : the other nation which calls Hispaniola home is more developed and more beautiful than Haiti and the resorts are more affordable than in the rest of the Caribbean.

Jamaica : the heart of the reggae music, Jamaica is a place which has a particular charm. Most of the vacations come in packages which include a lot of activities. Be prepared to be harassed by the locals who care very willing to help with everything.

Puerto Rico : a US territory, Puerto Rico is easily accessible without a passport which makes it a great destination for US travelers. There are lovely beaches and a vacation here is all about eating, diving and golfing.

Cayman Islands : although not part of the big islands, they are located close to the group and sometimes treated as part of it. A great destination for scuba diving, the islands can get quite expensive thanks to having a high standard of living.

Lesser Antilles

Below the Greater Antilles and along the north coast of South America you’ll find a chain of twelve Caribbean Islands waiting to be discovered.

Anguilla : a tiny island with a lot of things to offer, Anguilla is where the diving enthusiasts like to come. A host of other water sports can be practiced here as well. Accommodation prices are bit on the high side though.




Aruba : located outside the hurricane belt, the island enjoys good weather year round. There are plenty of water sports which can be practiced here – diving, wind surfing, kayaking, parasailing – and if you don’t like to say only on the beach, there are museums to check out and even golf courses to try.

Antigua and Barbuda : small and beautiful , the two islands don’t have much in common. Accommodation is quite hard to find on Barbuda as there are only three bigger places to stay. On Antigua, there are more places to stay but the prices are on the high side. Both islands offer incredible places to spend your time if you enjoy being in open spaces: secluded beaches and lovely hiking trails.

Barbados : a former British Colony, the Barbados offers some great places to surf. Also, there are beautiful beaches to soak up the sun and great places to party all night long.

British Virgin Islands : the beautiful islands offer lovely beaches with a lot of activities: snorkeling, fishing, windsurfing. There are also some national parks to check out.

Dominica is one of the greenest islands in the world and definitely the most pristine of the Caribbean nations. Thankfully there are plenty of budget places to stay and the big hotel chains have not touched the island yet. The nature is the big “attraction” here , offering incredible diving spots as well as beautiful places to hike.

Grenada : “The Spice of the Caribbean” offers incredible beaches with Grand Anse Beach in St. George’s being mentioned in the top 10 beaches of the world. The mountain offers incredible hiking trails.

Guadeloupe : a beautiful French territory, Guadeloupe offers lovely treks along rivers and waterfalls and even an active volcano to climb. You can also practice water sports and if you like to enjoy sun bathing nude, here are some great beaches which allow it.

Martinique : the island has some interesting black sand beaches thanks to the active volcano. The tourism is very well developed but the budget accommodation is hard to find. Make sure to visit one of the rum distilleries on the island.

Montserrat : home to a very active (and angry) volcano, Montserrat is known as the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean. There aren’t many places to sleep but the prices are affordable. The island is home to turtles which nest here. Snorkeling and diving are also popular activities.

Netherlands Antilles which comprise:

  • Saba : this tiny island has some incredible diving spots. Climbing and hiking are also popular activities here. There aren’t many places to stay and the prices are quite high.
  • St. Eustatius : another island just perfect for eco-tourism, Statia has some incredible reefs to explore, as well as dense rainforest. There aren’t many places to stay but the prices are quite affordable.
  • St.Maarten : the island is famous for the beaches, casinos and incredible nightlife. The rum is great as well. There are plenty of places to stay and the prices range between affordable and very expensive.
  • Bonaire : the island offers some of the best shore diving in the world. The reefs are great for snorkeling as well. There are places to stay but the prices are bit on the high side. Don’t forget to check out the flamingoes and the Donkey Sanctuary.
  • Curacao is not exactly what you’d call a “standard” tropical destination. You can visit it anything since it’s located outside the hurricane belt. Willemstad is listed as UNESCO’s world heritage site because of its many historic buildings and totally worth your visit. Of course, you can dive here as well. And you might want to check out the aloe vera plantation as well.

St. Bart’s offers some great beaches and the activities which come with them (sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing). There are plenty of small hotels to choose from.

St. Kitts & Nevis : there are beautiful beaches and a lot of activities available. Historic plantations and other restored buildings are to be found all over the place. Lots of good hikes are available if you like to check out the beautiful rainforests.

St. Lucia : known as an important honeymoon destination in the Caribbean, St. Lucia has everything you need on a tropical island. There are incredible beaches and all the activities possible – diving, snorkeling, sailing, yachting, wind surfing – and there are also beautiful hiking and running trails. Accommodation ranges from very cheap to very expensive, depending on where you want to stay.

St. Martin : the French side of the island (shared with St. Maarten) is more luxurious and offers some great places for shopping and nude bathing. Numerous water sports can be practiced and there are also opportunities for biking and hiking.

St. Vincent & The Grenadines : the beaches are beautiful and there are plenty of opportunities to practice water sports. Hiking is also available on some of the islands. There are also historical sites to keep you busy and colorful markets to check out. Accommodation is affordable.

Trinidad & Tobago : although outside the hurricane belt, the islands receive heavy rainfall during the wet season. Water sports are available here and if you like wildlife, there are many wild animals to check out. Budget accommodation is plentiful.

US Virgin Islands : a short hop from the US, the US Virgin Islands are yet another destination favored by the Americans. There are beautiful beaches but also you can enjoy a day hiking the beautiful trails or playing water sports. Shopping is also a favorite past time here. There are plenty of places to stay in all budget ranges.

Other islands

Although not located in the Caribbean basin , the following islands are also associated to the Caribbean:

  • Bahamas : there are beautiful beaches and a lot of activities available: boating, diving, sun bathing, attending festivals, bird watching , snorkeling. Shopping is also great here. Accommodation ranges between cheap and expensive and there are many resorts offering diverse packages.
  • Turks & Caicos : home to great diving and beaches, the islands are not yet overrun by mega chains (but word is they will soon be). Accommodation is very expensive.

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