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Accommodation in the Caribbean can take many forms. You can choose between a seashore hotel, a private villa, a hidden inn or spend your nights on cruise ships. Sleeping on some islands can be quite expensive, so either budget more for this expense or choose cheaper alternatives, such as hostels.

Here is a description of the types of accommodation you can expect in the Caribbean.


Hotels in the Caribbean vary depending on the number of stars. On the larger islands and in large towns or resorts you can find hotels ranging from luxury 5 star to cheap 1 star. The price will go up and down accordingly. Prices also vary according to season, the peak prices being found during the popular months for traveling (mid-December to end of April).

If you stay in 1 or 2 star hotels doesn’t mean you’ll have sub-standard conditions. However, don’t expect AC and wi-fi in such hotels. They do lack a big chain name and a huge breakfast, as well.


Hostels in the Caribbean are an excellent way to save money while you travel, especially on big island where the accommodation is expensive. Just like in other places, hostels are typically located close to the important sights and/or to the beach. Do read the description so that you know what to expect. Most of them have a common kitchen and if you don’t fancy sharing a room with 20 other travelers, you can choose a private room.


Resorts in the Caribbean offer, usually, all inclusive packages. You’ll find them on every big island and range from “giants” which comprise pretty much any facility you can think of, to smaller, hidden, places where you can truly relax. Prices vary according to season, with the peak prices being found between mid-December and end of April.

Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals in the Caribbean are an easy way to save money especially when you travel with a group of friends. You can choose among apartments and villas, depending on how many persons travel together. All of them offer at least a small kitchen so that you can save more money by avoiding eating in restaurants.