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Bahamas in February

St. Valentine’s Day can be a good excuse to head to The Bahamas in February. A romantic escape is a lovely way to spend time with your loved one. Or if you just want to stay away from the colder climates , The Bahamas is an ideal choice. Soak up the sun, go snorkeling, explore the sights and play tennis.


Remember the weather in January? Well, it’s the same in February. It feels like early summer, with mild temperatures and almost no rainfall. It can be cold at night, though, so pack a jacket if you like to stay up late.

Sample temperatures

Freeport avg high 23C/74F ; avg low 17C/64F
Nassau avg high 25C/77F ; avg low 18C/65F

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Accommodation & Flights

February falls during the high season , so expect to find high rates at the hotels and the resorts . The same is valid for flights : prices are high and the demand is just as high.

Book the flight ahead of time and take advantage of the deals available. Or use those saved miles to lower the price. Otherwise, a hotel & flight package can save some money, too.

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Things to do

What do you dream of when you head to the Caribbean? Of course, the long days at the beach . And Bahamas has plenty of beaches for its visitors. Soak up the sun, swim, snorkel or try other water sports.

If you want to do some shopping, try the Port Lucaya Marketplace. There are souvenirs to choose from, excellent food , such as conch , and don’t forget the tropical fruits, either.

Nassau offers a lot of historical sites to visit. You might want to visit at least one of the three main forts : Fort Charlotte, Fort Fincastle and Fort Montagu. They offer excellent history lessons and you get to see lovely views of the surrounding areas.

You can also explore the beaches , caves and trails in the Lucayan National Park. If you like to be active, put on your walking shoes and walk on the trails. Otherwise, you can just enjoy a lovely tan on the beaches.

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