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Best Bahamas Hotels

Bahamas has always been very popular among travelers. The sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and an incredible barrier reef are only some of the things to discover in this paradise. Whether you want to spend an unforgettable honeymoon, an active vacation or give your kids the best vacation, Bahamas has it all.

Generally speaking, the hotel plays an important part in the vacation equation. Whether you are looking for a resort which offers plenty of services, or you just need a place to crash at night, chances are you’ll be spending the most time searching for a hotel.

Here at WhyGo Caribbean we’ve tried to select some of the best hotels for different types of travelers.

For a romantic escape

For years, Bahamas has ranked high among those looking to spend their honeymoon or a romantic escape in the Caribbean. Americans are especially drawn to Bahamas, mostly because there are plenty of flights available and they don’t have issues with the language either.

There are plenty of incredible places to spend an intimate vacation. In the end, it’s all about the budget you have available. If you like a certain resort, make sure to check out their special offers often. Expect to pay the highest prices during winter (December to May).

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For the families

Many parents struggle when it comes to finding the best place to take their children on vacation. They have to make sure to hotel has a baby sitter available, offer children programs to keep them entertained while the parents want to do something on their own, offer a children pool for the little ones to enjoy the beach…all in all, there’s always some extra planning involved.

Thankfully, the Bahamas offers some incredible places where you can spend a relaxed holiday with the family. Between children playgrounds, activities and other fun things to do, only the budget determines the place to stay. The highest prices are always during winter (December to May) but most often the resorts offer special prices and packages.

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For the sports enthusiasts

Most often, those who are active in their every day life love to be active on their vacation as well. Whether we are talking about playing tennis or golf, Bahamas has many incredible resorts which cater for this type of traveler. The resorts which offer high quality tennis courts or golf courses don’t come cheap, but there are always some packages offered which can represent good bargains.

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For the budget traveler

No, we are not delusional! There are budget hotels in Bahamas. Of course, firstly we need to explain the concept of “budget hotel”. Forget the high end services, but expect to have a swimming pool near-by and to be able to walk or catch a bus to a beach. Don’t always expect a restaurant within the hotel but there’s always something to be found within walking distance. With that being said, if you opt for a budget hotel, you can usually spend 3 nights here for the price you would pay for a night in a high end resort. Needless to say, planning a romantic escape in such a place is not exactly the thing we recommended you to do.

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