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Best Bahamas Beaches

Generally popular among honeymooners, Bahamas is a great place to spend your vacation, regardless of your money status or the reasons to visit.

There are plenty of reasons to visit Bahamas the majority of travelers come here for the incredible beaches. Since Bahamas is home to some of the best rated beaches in the entire Caribbean we shouldn’t wonder why the most popular of them are always crowded.

Of course, there are secluded beaches for those wanting to escape the hoards of tourists and spend a relax day away from everything.

1. Cable Beach

This lovely 4 miles beach is located on New Providence Island. It’s by far the best island on the island if you want to be close to everything (like shops and bars). Also, it is highly popular among families with children because there are enough facilities close to the beach.

Cable Beach is located on West Bay Street in Nassau. There are plenty of hotels close to the beach, ranging from the high end ones to budget ones. Among the most popular, there are: Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort, Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island and Breezes Bahamas All Inclusive.

2. Cabbage Beach

It is the most popular on Paradise Island and always crowded. Thankfully, it’s big enough for everyone. Although it is a public beach, most travelers coming here stay at the hotels that line the northern shore of island. However, there are no public restrooms and only the hotels’ guests can use those in the hotels.

You can reach Paradise Island from downtown Nassau by crossing the bridge or taking a ferry. There are several mega-hotels right by the beach which explains why it’s crowded most of the time. Among the very popular accommodation, we can find: Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island Harbour Resort All Inclusive and One & Only Ocean Club.

3. Xanadu Beach

This is by far the most popular beach on Grand Bahama Island. It’s perfect for swimming thanks to the calm waters. It’s also popular among families with children as facilities can be accessed easily in nearby Freeport. It is, however, one of the most crowded beaches on the island.

The beach is located right by the largest hotel on the island, Xanadu Beach Resort & Marina , and is easily accessed from Freeport.

4. Tahiti Beach

It is, by far, the most romantic beach in Bahamas, making it very popular among couples. It can be accessed via a gravel road (but cars cannot drive on it). You can hike or ride a bike to get here. Make sure to bring water and food as there are limited facilities on the beach.

The beach is located on the northern coast, rather close (1.3 miles) to Bluff House Beach Hotel & Yacht Club and near Hopetown. There are several other hotels located in the “vicinity” of the beach, but not closer than 12 miles.

5. Pink Sands Beach

The Caribbean Travel and Life magazine rated this beach as one of the best in the Caribbean. As the name implies, the sand is pink. It offers some of the safest place to swim in the Bahamas thanks to the coral reef protecting it.

Pink Sand Beach is located near Dunmore Town and right by Pink Sands Hotel. There are some hotels located rather close to the beach but not adjacent to it, which means you can relax here without encountering the hoards of tourists.

6. Ten Bay Beach

There aren’t any facilities on the beach which probably makes it even more appealing if you are looking for an intimate beach.

The beach is located close to Governors Harbour but the closest hotel, Quality Inn Cigatoo is at more than 15 miles away. That’s why you can count on this beach to be intimate and not crowded.

7. Paradise Beach

It is probably the best beach on Paradise Island but it’s tricky to access it. You either have to be a guest at Atlantis Resort or live in Bahamas year long.

The beach is easily accessed from Nassau: just cross the bridge or take a ferry. But if you are not staying at the Atlantis Resort it’s better to go to Cabbage Beach.

8. Love Beach

This is a small and secluded beach, ideal if you are looking for a quiet place to snorkel. At just 1 mile off the shore there’s a lovely coral reef to be discovered.

The beach is located at about 15 miles from downtown Nassau. The problem, however, is how to access the beach. If you stay at Compass Point you can use the beach but otherwise it’s a bit tricky. Also, there’s a place called Nirvana (heading west from the resort) which gives access for a small fee.

9. Treasure Cay Beach

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There’s a huge resort here and the location is starting to get trendier, hence more expensive, but there are still good deals to find.

The beach is located in Treasure Cay Village, on the island of Abaco. There is plenty of accommodation available near or on the beach. Treasure Cay Hotel Resort & Marina is located right on the beach but if you are looking for something cheaper you can try to book one of the villas or condos.

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