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Atlantis Resort

Looking for the top resort in the Bahamas? Spend any amount of time searching for the best resort in the Bahamas and you will no doubt come across the empire that is the Atlantis Resort. This mini city encompasses acres upon acres of beachfront property in the Bahamas. The resort is the size of a small city and includes almost everything a small city would as well. No matter if you are planning your family vacation or looking for a romantic weekend of luxury, you will be able to find it at the Atlantis Resort.

Look at a single picture of the Atlantis Resort and you will be able to tell that it is not your average resort. But, you won’t know how out of the ordinary it is until you look a little closer. The Atlantis Resort differs from many basic resorts in that it has a huge variety of accommodation options. We aren’t just talking about a variety of rooms and views, but a variety of resort hotels within the resort its self.

The resort accommodations include:


Each of these individual hotels offer its own unique set of perks, prices, views, and rooms. The Coral Towers offer something for the budget travelers, while the The Reef Atlantis caters to a more upscale crowd looking for a home away from home. There really is something for every style and price range here. All of the above mentioned hotels and resorts are part of the greater Atlantis Resort and as such, share the majority of amenities and activities. However, some of the above mentioned hotels offer amenities exclusive to their guests.


The amount of activities on the Atlantis Resort is mind boggling. One could write an entire website on these services alone. The Atlantis Resort offers so many things to see and do that there is really no need to ever leave the resorts property.

Here are just a few of the activities that can be found at the resort:

Water Park Activities
Leap of Faith – A 60 foot long water slide that is extremely steep and comes out of a Mayan temple.
Serpent Slide – A winding slide the winds through the shark aquarium.
Challenger Slides – A set of two slides that allow guest to race down the slides.
Jungle Slide – A super fast slides that winds through jungles, caves, and even a Mayan temple.
The Current – A lazy river that moves through the resort at a steady pace. All you have to do is float.
Power Tower – Another mini water park that offers several other water slides.

Aquariums and Animals
Dolphin Cay – A 15 acre dolphin environment where you can swim with dolphins.
Blue Project – A protected coral reef for snorkeling.
Ruins Lagoon – a 2.7 million-gallon aquarium inside of the Royal Towers.