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5 Days in Bahamas: Itinerary Ideas

The Bahamas is an archipelago make up of about 2000 islands. And while most tourists come here on a package holiday or choose a cruise to visit the islands – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that -, there are also tourists who are not looking just for sun, sand and fun…they also want to explore the archipelago. Five days in The Bahamas are not enough to visit more than two or three locations. While there are ferries and mailboats between many islands, often the travel times are long and you’ll need twice the time to comprise more destinations.

Itinerary assumptions

  • You will be flying into and out of Nassau
  • Try to find a hotel or guesthouse located further from the tourist areas
  • Most tourists come to Bahamas when it’s cold in the Northern Hemisphere. You can save some money by choosing the off-season but chances are you’ll be rained on.

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Day 1-2 Nassau

Nassau is the capital of The Bahamas and the city where you’ll be flying into. It’s the hub in the area, therefore gets a lot of flights and chances are you’ll score a good deal if you book in advance and fly during the shoulder season.

Take advantage of the first day to take a walk in the Old Town. It is an interesting mixture of brightly colored Caribbean houses and abandoned buildings. By the time the sun sets, make your way to Fort Fincastle, located on a small hill south of the town. To go on a tour you have to get to the fort before 3 p.m.

Start the second day at Potters’ Cay, located under the Paradise Island bridge. Try the fresh conch salad and then head to Straw Market to test your haggling skills when buying souvenirs.

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Day 3-5 Eleuthera

There are ferries connecting Nassau to Eleuthera (M/V Sealink is one of the companies to look for).

It is the fourth most populated island in The Bahamas , offering pink beaches and massive coral reefs. Harbour Island, located close to Eleuthera (10 min by boat), has been designated by Travel & Leisure magazine “The Best Island in the Caribbean” in 2005. It is also famous for the pink beaches. You can spend an entire day on Harbour Island , walking on the beaches and just soaking up the atmosphere. Pack a picnic basket, too.

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Aside from soaking up the sun on the beaches, you can also swim, snorkel, surf, dive, fish, sail and try some water sports.

The next day, spend some time checking out the island’s attractions. There are some interesting caves on the island, some of them home to colonies of bats. Make sure to have a flashlight with you and wear appropriate clothing for hiking.

Alternative day 5: Freeport

Alternatively, you can travel back to Nassau on Day 5 and catch a flight to Freeport . Port Lucaya is the tourist hub of the island and you can spend some time on one of the beautiful white-sand beaches in the town.

Photo credits: Nassau , Harbor Island