Getting from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas

main2Puerto Rico is a very popular Caribbean destination, especially for US citizens who don’t need to worry about having a passport when they travel. It’s also a very good base for exploring the other Caribbean islands and the near-by US Virgin Islands are one of the popular destinations for those looking to do some island hopping.

The capital of USVI, Charlotte Amalie is located on St. Thomas and the majority of travelers prefer to choose this island when they first arrive in the USVI.

There are two ways of getting from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas: by plane or by ferry. Choosing the right one for you depends on your travel plans, time and budget.

Should you add Puerto Rico to your RTW trip?

By plane

The main airport in Puerto Rico is called Aeropuerto Internacional Luis Muñoz Marín (SJU) and is located in San Juan. It’s one of the most important Caribbean hubs, providing links to all other islands.




USVI are served by two airports: Cyril E. King Airport (code: STT) on St. Thomas and Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (STX) on St. Croix. Both receive flights from Puerto Rico.

Cape Air and American Airlines offer non-stop flights between Puerto Rico and St. Thomas during the off season. The travel time is only 32-34 min. During the off season, the prices are between US$99 and US$159 per person one way, economy class, depending on the hour of departure and airline. The cheapest RT non-stop flight costs US$197 per person. (Just as information, it’s more expensive to fly into St. Croix. )

To save money on your ticket, choose to fly on weekdays and either early in the morning or late at night. If you plan to travel during the high season, book your ticket in advance.

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By ferry

There are ferries between Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. The journey takes 2 hours and the roundtrip ticket costs US$80 per person. There’s only one departure per week however.

Ferries depart from Fajardo, Puerto Rico every Saturday at 8 a.m. If you need to get from St. Thomas to Puerto Rico, ferries depart every Saturday at 5 p.m. Reservations are required.

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6 thoughts on “Getting from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas

  • Darrel Gunst

    How can I make contact, or make a reservation, with the Ferry service cited above for Puerto Rico to St. Thomas on Saturdays for $80? What is the name of the Ferry Line? What is the phone number for reservations? Darrel Gunst

  • olga hernandez

    i would like to make reservations for a trip from puerto rico to st. thomas can you please forward the information to me asap thxs

  • Kristi

    How can I make a reservation, with the Ferry service cited above for Puerto Rico to St. Thomas on Saturdays for $80? What is the name of the Ferry Line? What is the phone number for reservations?
    Thank you,

  • Christopher D. Scott

    The name of the ferry company is Carribe-Cay. Its phone number is (787) 863-0582. It runs a ferry between Fajardo, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas on Saturdays. The ship leave Fajardo for St. Thomas at 7:30 a.m. on Saturdays, and leaves St. Thomas for Fajardo on Saturdays at 3:30. The cost is $70 each way. There is no other regular running ferry between Puerto Rico and St. Thomas.

    Fajardo is a 45 minute car ride from San Juan. Fajardo is beautiful. I recommend that you fly in on Friday, travel to Fajardo and stay at a hotel on Friday night, and then take the ferry the next morning. On the trip back, I recommend that you stay in Fajardo that Saturday night, and travel to the San Juan airport on Sunday.

    You should note that a round-trip flight from San Juan to St. Thomas can be purchased for approximately $150. There are at least two small airlines that serve this route, and I believe American Airlines also serves this route. One of the small airlines is called Cape Air and the other is called Seaborne Airlines.

    The bottom line is that the ferry is quaint but slow, and the cost of transportation from San Juan to Fajardo plus hotel accomodations makes it a more expensive option. Thanks.

  • Hugo Sanchez

    One a week…? You’ve got to be kidding. That forces people to stay for a whole week. Are you sure it’s not daily?

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