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Best beaches in the US Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands are located close to the United States and are among the few islands where American citizens don’t need a passport to travel to. There are plenty of things to do on the islands but spending time on the beach is one of the major reasons tourists flock here.

There are countless of incredible beaches in the archipelago and it’s quite hard to put together a short list but we did your best at WhyGo Caribbean and came up some beaches ideal for families, snorkeling, relaxing or getting away from the crowds.

St. Croix

Cane Bay

Cane Bay is, by far, the best beach on St. Croix. It’s popular among divers and snorkel enthusiasts. It’s also a lovely beach for the families with kids and for those looking for a romantic walk. The sand is soft, there are umbrellas available and the beach offers all the facilities needed.

St. Thomas

Lindberg Bay

The beach is perfect for relaxing. It’s also ideal for small kids as the water is shallow and there’s even a playground near-by. The beach is not crowded. You can rent umbrellas from the hotels. There are plenty of restaurants as well.

Magens Bay

Probably the best beach on St. Thomas, Magens Bay offers white, powdery sand. It’s not ideal for snorkeling but it’s lovely for relaxing away from the crowds. There are places to eat and you can find shade under palm trees.

Coki Point Beach

Coki Point Beach is ideal for snorkeling. It does get crowded. There are some places to eat on the beach (laid back bars, not “proper” restaurants) and chairs can be rented as well.

St. John

Trunk Bay

By far the most beautiful beach on St. John is Trunk Bay. It was voted one of the “Ten Best Beaches in The World” and lives up to the designation: powdery sand, crystal clear water. It’s great for snorkeling but can get crowded (thanks to its popularity). There are all the facilities needed, including picnic tables and snack bar.

Honeymoon Bay

If you are looking for a deserted beach, Honeymoon Bay is the place to go. It’s not accessible by car, hence only those who love to do some hiking venture here. So plan accordingly and wear hiking gear. Bring water and snacks since there aren’t any facilities (except some portable toilets).

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