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Best US Virgin Islands -Which island is best for you?

main1The US Virgin Islands are just a hop away from the USA and a preferred destination for those who don’t want to worry about having a passport or speaking another language when they travel. The USVI consists of the three main islands – St. John, St. Croix and St. Thomas-, as well as many smaller surrounding minor islands.

It’s hard to say which of the main islands is the “best” to visit. So, here at WhyGo Caribbean, we’ve taken a different approach and tell you what each island is “best for”.

St. John – best for nature lovers

St. John is by far the best choice if you want to experience something totally different than stay on a big island with all its commercial activities and crowds. St. John, thankfully, lacks the oh-so-familiar fast-food chains and offers the visitor a glimpse into what Caribbean life truly is about.

The smallest island of the USVI offers stunning beaches, incredible places to snorkel and a lovely laid-back atmosphere which makes you fall in love with the place. St. John is definitely the place to be if you love nature. As much as two thirds of the island make up a national park with incredible hiking trails (self-guided).

You can also take a day trip to one of the British Virgin Islands located near-by but make sure to have all the travel documents you need.

St. Croix – best for history and culture enthusiasts

St. Croix is the largest of the USVI and is popular mostly for culture and history. There are plenty of colorful towns and interesting churches to visit. The islands blends magnificently all the past influences, whether they were French, Spanish, African or Danish.

The island also boasts some incredible beaches but they tend to be quite crowded. And on a big island you are bound to get face to face with big chains as well, whether those are stores, hotels or fast-food restaurants.

You can shop the day away in Christiansted, where you can find anything you desire from clothes to jewelry and perfumes.

St. Thomas – best for sophisticated travelers

St. Thomas is the most sophisticated of the USVI and is a magnet for those looking for the high-life in the Caribbean. Posh restaurants, golf courses, high-end resorts, interesting night clubs offer the opportunity for travelers to enjoy a more expensive vacation in the Caribbean.

The capital of Charlotte Amalie is where the cruise ships dock and where there’s hustle & bustle all the time. For those who want to do a little (or more) shopping, the mall awaits. There’s also the Frenchtown for those wanting to experience the posh restaurants (and their hefty bills).

St. Thomas doesn’t lack great beaches or history either. Fort Christian is the oldest standing structure in the USVI and a US national monument.

If you stay on St. Thomas but want to experience some relaxed beach time, head to the small Water Island. There are some good trails and even an old sugar mill to check out.

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