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Vacations in Saba

This tiny island in the Dutch Antilles is filled with retired Americans and the majority of population speaks English rather than the official language, which is Dutch. There aren’t sandy beaches, but there are perfect diving sports and hiking trails, which makes Saba a great destination for those who enjoy being active…and love orchids.


Forget the glamorous resorts where you can do everything without leaving the estate…Saba is totally different. The resorts and hotels are small, tucked away in forests but offering incredible views of both the sea and the mountain.

Most of the resorts offer diving packages and some have special arrangements with diving centers allowing the travelers to learn to dive in the hotel’s pool and then practice by taking diving excursions from the diving center. Adventure packages are also very common since the possibilities to hike are endless and the nature is awesome.

Honeymoon packages are not that often offered but there are some nice, secluded resorts which can represent a lovely place for a romantic getaway.

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Things to do

“The Unspoiled Queen” of the Caribbean, Saba is not a reef island, hence doesn’t have the so common sandy beaches of the Caribbean. But the island is known for its unique ecosystem. It is also known for the incredible diving sites, all unique from what you would expect in the Caribbean. Due to its unique sites created by the walls, underwater cliffs, caves and pinnacles, Saba is a preferred destination for scuba diving.

For the most wonderful experience make sure to walk along some of the hiking trails on the island. They are dotted with beautiful orchids, great chance for photos and relaxing. The hiking trails pass old villages, caves or go through the rainforest, offering incredible views and experiences.

Mount Scenery has the highest elevation in the entire Dutch kingdom and has one of the best hiking trails in the Caribbean. Make sure to start the hike early in the morning as the peak gets foggy in the afternoon.

Go up the Booby Hill; on the way from Windwardside you’ll find a guava tree orchard but the real highlight of the trip is an abandoned house with an incredible view of neighboring islands and St. John’s.