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Vacations in Martinique

Martinique is an island located north of Trinidad & Tobago, and an overseas department of France. The island is dominated by Mt. Pelee, which is an active volcano.


The southern part of the island is the place where the beautiful beaches are and hence where you’ll also find the resorts and hotels. There are plenty of all-inclusive resorts, some belonging to huge chains – but of course, the prices are accordingly. The all-inclusive resorts offer not only accommodation and meals but also activities, as part of their package.

If you prefer the freedom and lower prices you can head to the hotels. The majority of them are small and cozy offering few rooms and the possibility to have some intimacy. They are located on or close to the beach which means you can practice the water sports as well.

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Things to do

The major resorts area in Martinique is Pointe du Bout, in the south. Some of the popular beaches are Ste Anne, Le Diamant and Les Anses d’Arlets. You’ll find the majority of popular beaches along them. Many resorts offer the possibility to practice water sports, such as swimming, waterskiing, sailing, diving, snorkeling and spear fishing.

If you want to explore the country side you can go horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking and climbing.

Fort-de-France, Martinique’s capital is a charming little town with colorful markets. It’s also the place where you can find La Pagerie, the home of Empress Josephine (she was born in Martinique), which now is a museum. Near-by you will find Parc des Floralies, a beautiful botanical garden.

In the northern part of the island you’ll find Mt. Pelee, which last erupted in 1902, destroying the city of St.Pierre. What remains of that city is now a tourist attraction. Visit the Musée Volcanologique if you are interested in the disaster. Today, the city of St.Pierre is the second largest in Martinique but still retain its former glory: beautiful bridges, old houses, etc.

In the harbor, there are still the wrecks of the ships caught by the disaster. You can either dive to see them or take a submarine.

Fancy trying some rum? Then visit one of the distilleries or the Musée du Rhum, housed by St James Distillery.