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Hotels in British Virgin Islands

Hotel in BVIIn general, accommodation is rather pricey in the BVI for this only reason: there aren’t many places to stay. However, if you stay away from the resorts and “main spots” you can easily find some affordable and nice places to stay.

Climate and tourist season

The balmy weather of the islands offers averages of 77 F in the winter and 82 F in the summer. The humidity is low due to the trade winds while the waters are warm because of the Caribbean currents.

The wet season – September to November – brings rain in short bursts. The chances of hurricanes are so low that you don’t need to worry about them.

The peak season is during Christmas and New Years, while the high season extends until May. Plan to visit the islands outside these months if you want to save some money.

Worth trying

Agape Cottages

Located in Tortola, all bedrooms are air-conditioned and have fully equipped kitchens. The resort is smoke-free and located really close to the beach and restaurants. During the summer (May 1 – Oct 31) expect to pay US$157 per night for a 1 bedroom cottage and US$298 per night for a 2 bedroom cottage. During the high season (Nov 1- Apr 30) expect to pay US$196 per night for a 1 bedroom cottage and US$373 per night for a 2 bedroom cottage. The resort is close to Cane Garden which is one of the best beaches in BVI. It’s also a good location for snorkeling.

Hodges Creek Marina Hotel

The rooms have AC, internet access and kitchenette. There’s a pool in the resort as well. Located at Hodge’s Creek, Tortola, the hotel offers great views of the Sir Francis Drake Channel. There are a dive shop and a restaurant within the resort. During the high season (Dec 20 –Apr 15) expect to pay US$175-200 per night. During the shoulder season (Apr 16 – Jun 30) expect to pay US$150-175 per night while during the low season the rates are US$100-125 per night. The rates do not include the 10% service charge and 7% occupancy tax.

Sea View Hotel

All rooms have kitchenette, ceiling fan, AC and there’s a swimming pool in the resort. The hotel is currently being renovated but it still offers rooms for the tourists at US$250 per night (either single or double room). The 17% taxes are not included in the price. The hotel also offers special wedding and honeymoon packages at prices ranging between US$523 and US$1811 per package (which includes the taxes and other facilities).