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Hotels in Anguilla

Anguilla villasAlthough a small island, Anguilla has a lot of hotels which cater for a wide variety of tastes. The most popular places to stay on the island are located around Shoal Bay Beach, Rendezvous Bay and Mead’s Bay.

Climate and tourist season

The weather is nice all through the year. The only thing you need to consider is the hurricane season -or better said “wet season” -, which starts in June and ends in November. During the wet season it rains daily but in short bursts. Storms are quite frequent and hurricanes are possible but not a real threat.

The peak tourist season is represented by Christmas and New Years. Generally prices start to climb a week before Christmas. The high season extends right after New Years to the end of March. Prices start to lower by the beginning of April.

If you are planning to save some money on airfare to Anguilla and on accommodation, plan your vacation in early December or early April, hence avoiding both the high season and the rainy weather.

Worth trying

When it comes to luxury and being pampered, there are two major hotels/resorts which “fight” for supremacy: Malliouhana Hotel & Spa and Cap Juluca (read about Cap Juluca on the Resorts in Anguilla page).

Malliouhana Hotel & Spa is perched on top of the cliffs overlooking Mead’s Bay. It might just be the perfect place to watch a sunset over the Atlantic. One of the most special features here is the Pool Suite, your own little villa while on vacation. You won’t be lacking the possibility to play sports either. You can enjoy a tennis game or embark on more adventurous sports: windsurfing, waterskiing or snorkeling. How about a game of baseball? If you are one of the fitness fanatics you can burn off their fabulous fries at the gym – with a personal trainer – or head to the spa for a relaxing massage. If you bring the kids, they’ll totally enjoy the special playground. As for the prices…luxury comes with a high tag so prepare to spend some cash if you want to stay here. During the high season –December to March – a double room in the garden costs US$770/night. If you want to stay right on the beach, you’ll have to pay for it: US$1,005/night for a double room. That pool suite mentioned above would set you back US$3,335/night during the high season.

Did you know? Malliouhana Hotel & Spa is a very popular resort among those looking to have a Caribbean wedding. You can have the ceremony, banquet and spend your honeymoon here. Best of all: the resort organizes everything.