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Sea Kayaking in the Virgin Islands

Sea kayaking is one of the best ways to take in the spectacular beauty of the Virgin Islands. This environmentally friendly mode of travel offers a view of the islands that you cannot get from the shore. With several options to choose from, there is a sea kayaking adventure for almost everyone. Families and those wishing to soak up some sun are sure to enjoy one of the many sea kayaking adventures in the area. Below are some sea kayaking tips, suggested tours, and other helpful information.

Tour Guides

Selecting a good tour guide is the first step of your adventure. While there are many companies from which to choose, the following guide services come highly recommended:

  • Arawak Expeditions – Arawak Expeditions offers trips ranging from half-day to multiple-day trips. Equipment and instruction is provided for all trips. Meals are provided for full-day and multiple-day trips.
    Contact info: | 1-800-238-8687 |
  • Caribbean Adventure Tours – Caribbean Adventure Tours offers tours of Salt River National Historic Park and Ecological Preserve. Three 2.5 hour tours are offered daily. Equipment, instruction, water and snacks are provided.
    Contact info: | 1-800-532-3483 |
  • Adventures in Good Company – For women only, Adventures in Good Company offers one 8-day trip annually in January. Equipment, instruction, accommodations, and most meals are included.
    Contact info: | 1-877-439-4042

What to See

These are some of the most common destinations for sea kayaking in the Virgin Islands:

  • Honeymoon Beach – Located in Caneel Bay, secluded, and an ideal location for spotting wildlife.
  • Solomon Beach – Also located in Caneel Bay, this beach is great for snorkeling.
  • Hurricane Hole – This area makes up part of the Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument.
  • Virgin Islands National Park – 7000 acres of hills, valleys and beaches located on St. John.

What to Pack

Although most equipment is provided by your guide service, you may want to bring along the following:

  • Personal Clothing – shorts, t-shirts, water shoes or old tennis shoes
  • Sunscreen – Make sure its waterproof and sweatproof.
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Camera – If its not waterproof, dont take it.
  • Snorkel Gear – many tour places will provide this or offer it at an extra price.