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Caribbean Hostels

Search Caribbean hostels with up-to-date availability and book a hostel in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean area comprises so many islands that it’s impossible to visit all of them in a single trip. That’s unless you plan to stick around for a long time. Or just plan another trip here. Traveling to the Caribbean can be quite expensive so you’ll definitely need to save money. Probably the easiest way to save money is by choosing to stay in a Caribbean hostel.

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In a place as diverse as the Caribbean, you shouldn’t be surprised to find many types of hostels. Also, you should know that hostels can be found on the larger islands. On small islands, inexpensive cottages and guesthouses can be found under the name of “hostel”. If you choose to stay in tents (yes, in a hostel) you’ll be able to sleep in hammocks.

Since the accommodation will be the second most expensive item on your travel budget, why not skip the Caribbean hotels and choose to stay in a hostel.

Hostels are NOT for Young People Only

Yes, the term “youth hostel” is still used but it certainly doesn’t mean you cannot stay in a hostel unless you are among the youngsters. Of course, hostels come in many forms and some travelers will definitely avoid the well-known party hostels, while others choose a more relaxed place. If a Caribbean hostel has an age restriction, it will be written in its description.

Caribbean Hostels Benefits

Hostels everywhere are way more than just staying in a cheap place. They are an excellent place to meet fellow travelers. The common areas – such as the living room or the kitchen – are excellent places to find a travel mate or even life long friends. Even if you choose to stay in a private room, you’ll still get a chance to socialize.

Choosing a Caribbean Hostel

Caribbean hostels are located closer to the sights and/or closer to the beach. Of course, you’ll pay a bit more for a good location but they still don’t cost as much as hotel rooms. Cottages and guesthouses located either in remote locations or right on the beach are also marketed as “hostels” and can be excellent choices for accommodation.

To help you narrow the long list of Caribbean hostels, type your travel information into the search engine on this page – you will then get a list of the hostels in that city which have available beds the nights you want to stay. Then just read the description and choose the place you want to stay in.