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10 Days in Caribbean: Itinerary Ideas

There are plenty of travelers out there who would be happy spending 10 days on any of the popular islands in the Caribbean, soaking up the sun, sipping cocktails and eating incredible food. But there are also other types of travelers who don’t mind a day or two on the beach, but they definitely want to see interesting places as well.

While the majority of travelers visit the Caribbean during the high season – December to March – which also coincides with the cold season in the Northern Hemisphere, the islands are cheaper to visit and offer excellent things to do during the rest of the year, too. Sure, you might end up in a storm or two, but that’s not always the case and there are always other things to do.

The present itinerary highlights the most visited islands in the Caribbean but it’s definitely not a sand-sea-sun itinerary.

Day 1-2 The Bahamas

Fly into Nassau. Enjoy the Old Town and visit Fort Fincastle. On the second day, head to Eleuthera, which can be reached by boat. Eleuthera is famous for its pink beaches.

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Day 3-4 Puerto Rico

You can fly via Fort Lauderdale into Puerto Rico from The Bahamas and it won’t exactly be a cheap option. But when you want to cover at least 4 islands during a 10-day vacation, flying becomes a priority.

Spend the first day getting to know Old San Juan , with its forts and city walls. On the second day, visit Ponce, easy to reach by road. Renting a car is probably the best option in this case. Visit the cathedral and enjoy a tour of a coffee plantation.

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Day 5-7 Jamaica

Fly into Kingston or Montego Bay.

Make sure to take a scenic tour of Kingston. All you need is a map and your camera.

You can also plan to be more active when visiting this lovely island, but make sure to rent a car in order to get between places easily. You can take a canopy tour or you can climb a waterfall.

You must try the Caribbean cuisine and the famous Jamaican dishes.

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Day 8-10 US Virgin Islands

St. Thomas is ideal for those who want to shop and visit the popular attractions. St. John offers a nice scape from the crowds and is incredible for snorkeling. St. Croix is for the history buffs . Virgin Gorda is for the high –end travelers.

St. Croix is the least visited of the USVI and the most remove of them. So, if you are looking to escape the mass tourism, this island is your target. You can even choose a farm stay. You can visit Estate Whim Plantation Museum, which is the oldest sugar plantation museum in USVI. Fort Christiansvaern now highlights the local history but it used to protect the town from pirates.

On St. Thomas, visit Blackbeard’s Castle, which is actually a watchtower built by the Danes. Bluebeard’s Castle, on the other hand, is a fortress, also built by the Danes.

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Just in case you want to visit the islands in other order, here is some information:

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Photo credits: The Bahamas , Puerto Rico , Jamaica , Fort Christiansvaern