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Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort and Spa

The Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort and Spa have been names as the best resort and spa for the last three years! It has tones of amenities and things that your entire family can enjoy. The resort has its own beach that is layered with some of the most beautiful white sand you will ever lay your eyes on. Aside from having the most beautiful beach you have ever seen, the hotel also offers some of the most beautiful scenery and mountain views you will ever see.

About The Resort

The hotel is located at St. Tomas in the Virgin Islands. It is secluded and offers some of the most exclusive stays in the world. There are many things that you can do while enjoying your stay at the resort, such as tennis, golf, scuba, and swimming. The resort offers three pools that are connected with a stunning waterfall. That will make for a very romantic swim. They also offer a room that is dedicated to gambling. Some people do not consider it a vacation unless you can get your gambling on! For you people who enjoy relaxing and making the most of your vacation you can enjoy the onsite spa. After all it is a resort and spa, right?

The resort offers some of the best rates and available. They also offer some an all inclusive plan that includes your meals, activities, fitness center and admission to the kids club. That is sure to keep your children busy so you parents can enjoy your vacation instead of chasing the kids.

Rooms and Amenities

While staying at this resort you will get some of the best service possible. The staff at this resort does everything possible to make sure you enjoy your stay. From enjoying some of the spa treatments to an amenity of fitness classes and a children’s club that makes sure to show movies nightly to keep your kids busy, you cannot go wrong with this resort. The rooms are all complemented with some of the best beds and room service available.

If you are planning your wedding give this resort and spa a call. They offer tons of special discounts and services to your entire wedding party. If you are looking for some of the best prices then you have picked the best resort. Their prices start at 243.00 a night for a standard room with 2 double beds and of course go up from their. You can book your reservation online or simply by giving them a call.

This is one of the best resorts that anyone can pick to take their vacations. They offer tons of great and exciting things to do while staying at this resort. You get some of the best service and most beautiful rooms possible. The spa is one of the best on the island and offers some of the best messages available. Another perk is that your kids are taken care of! Parents can go and do what they want without the worry of where the kids are. You should really give this resort high consideration. After all, they have won the best award three years in a row!

More Information

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