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Volunteering Abroad or Voluntourism

Last year I volunteered for a project in my own town; we collected used books in several cafes and public spaces in town, and handed them out on set days. Spending the weekends organizing and being part of such a movement got me thinking about volunteering abroad.

Traveling for the purpose of volunteering is also known as voluntourism. Many do it because they are passionate about the projects they represent and help with. But before you figure out whether this is a good approach for you, make sure to know at least some basics about getting started with Voluntourism . Consider the time you have to invest in such a trip and do your research ahead of time. Choose the destination wisely, as well.

Sure, voluntourism mixes the independent travel with volunteering but don’t be fooled by the freedom. Your trip will most likely be sponsored and you’ll have a set schedule. Still, you’ll be able to do some exploring on your own.

If your heart is set on voluntourism in the Dominican Republic , there are quite a few projects to choose from and a lot of interesting things to explore once you get to the country. Consider the skills you’ve got when you apply for a volunteering project and also the type of work you’d rather do. There’s no point in doing something physical if you body is not used with that.

Now that you’ve got an idea about the project you want to be involved in, have you booked the airfare to the Dominican Republic already?

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