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Vacations in Trinidad and Tobago

Located just off Venezuela’s coast, the nation consists, primarily, of the two Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Both islands are magnificent, although the majority of the luxury resorts are located on Tobago.


The luxury resorts are mostly located on the beaches of Tobago island. They offer wedding and honeymoon packages. The rates include all taxes no matter if the price is for a package or just for a night. There are also resorts specialized in relaxation therapies.

If you are looking for cheaper places to stay, your best bet is to look for small hotels on Trinidad island. Again, the prices include all taxes and you’ll be pleased to find even eco-friendly hotels.

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Things to do

Trinidad and Tobago boosts some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. On Trinidad, the north coast beaches – Las Cuevas, Maracas, Tyrico – are amazing and you can practice a lot of sports here. The beaches of Toco, Mayaro, Chagville, Los Iros and Quinam are also beautiful and famous among tourists. On Tobago, some of the most popular beaches are Pigeon Point, Store Bay and Man-of-War Bay.

The annul Carnival is famous both among tourists and locals. Each year, for three days before Ash Wednesday and the Lent, thousands of colorful costumes parade on the streets. If you want to attend, make sure to book your room well in advance.

Caroni Bird sanctuary is a lovely place to go bird watching. Watch for the mosquitoes though.

Emperor Valley Zoo is home to many species including lions, tigers, monkeys, birds and fish. The zoo is located in the capital, Port of Spain.

La Brea Pitch Lake, located on Trinidad island, is the world’s largest natural reservoir of asphalt. The commercial excavations have slowed down and now the lake is primarily a tourist destination. Tourists like to bathe in the waters which contain sulphur.