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Vacations in St. Vincent & The Grenadines

St. Vincent & The Grenadines is located between St. Lucia and Grenada and comprises the island of St. Vincent and part of the Grenadines. The official language is English but Creole is also used in the informal situations.


The islands offer plenty of places to stay, from budget hotels to luxury resorts and pretty much anything in between. You’ll find cottages perched on hills and offering great views of the sea and you’ll also find beach front hotels where the water sports are just a step away from the room.

Special packages are available. You can choose between wedding and honeymoon packages, sailing packages or family packages.

Most of the resorts are closed during September and October, but the budget hotels remain open.

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Things to do

Although tourism is still in its early development here, the islands offer some incredible beaches and diving spots. Chateaubetair features a superb reef which is inhabited by colorful fish. Petit Byahaut is a small beach and a lovely place to snorkel and dive. Troumaca Bay also offers some good snorkeling spots along its north shore. Villa Beach and Indian Bay are also very good snorkeling spots which offer incredible views of the Grenadines. Mount Wynne is a black sand beach, very popular among locals, and the perfect place for a walk or a picnic. Argyle is another black sand beach but it’s not advisable to swim here. You can take long walks and enjoy a picnic.

Eco-adventures are also very popular among tourists. You can go sailing, dolphin watching, hike the trails or climb the volcano. If you want to see the parrots and other birds, Vermont Nature Trails is the perfect choice. Hike up to Trinity Falls and then take a swim in the natural pool formed by it.