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Vacations in Puerto Rico

The official languages in Puerto Rico are English and Spanish although the majority of population speaks only Spanish. However, especially in the touristy places, you won’t have any problems using English. This also makes Puerto Rico a great destination for the English-speaking tourists, especially Americans who love to spend their honeymoons and anniversaries here.


Accommodations in Puerto Rico range between cheap budget hotels to luxury resorts. It really depends on where you want to stay and what you want to do. You can stay in Old San Juan and, obviously, pay a lot of money for the location but you can also stay in another neighborhood and pay less but still be close to the fun nightlife and beaches.

The resorts dot the beaches and bays and most of the luxury ones are secluded, hidden between a forest and the sea. You can find pretty much anything to do in such resorts, which basically means you’ll be stuck in it unless you really want to explore the area. Endless water sports can be practiced within walking distance from the resorts.

Special packages are available, with an emphasis on wedding packages during the high season and on discounted packages during the low season. Also all inclusive spa packages are quite common.

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Things to do

It might be a cliché to say that Puerto Rico has it all, but this is entirely true. Whether you want to soak up the sun on a beautiful beach, play golf, surf, go horseback riding or trek in a rainforest, Puerto Rico indeed has them all. Although the beach and the activities linked to it are , by far, the things tourists are interested in, those who are seeking adventure won’t be disappointed. Fishing, scuba diving, parasailing and windsurfing are at their best here.

If you want to hike, you have to check out El Yunque which is a beautiful tropical forest. If you are lucky you might even catch a glimpse of the endangered Puerto Rican parrot. There are both short, easy, trails but also long, more difficult ones. Make sure to read the descriptions so that you’ll know what to expect and if you are fit enough to tackle the trail.

There are two Bioluminescent Bays, one near Fajardo and one near Vieques, which represent a magical experience. The glowing microorganisms look great if you are checking them out during a night with new moon.

You should definitely check out San Juan, the capital city, with its beautiful Old Town dotted with old buildings.