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Vacations in Guadeloupe

If you visit Guadeloupe you are entering European Union territory. The archipelago located southeast of Puerto Rico is an integral part of the Republic of France hence the currency is Euro and all the French laws apply here. The official language is French.


All-inclusive resorts are not as popular in Guadeloupe as in the rest of the Caribbean. There are two major plans to choose from: European – which includes only the room- and Continental – which includes the room and breakfast. If you look closely you are able to find a true all-inclusive resort (the price might scare you a bit though).

But if you are the kind of traveler who doesn’t like to have everything planned by someone else, you can really enjoy Guadeloupe at its best and choose the activities you want to do and where to eat.

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Things to do

Without a doubt, the golden beaches of Guadeloupe attract tourists from all over the world. There are both private beaches (owned by hotels and resorts) and public beaches. The facilities on the public beaches are somewhat limited though so don’t expect to be able to rent umbrellas or practice waters sports (except swimming). Some of the most popular beaches are: Saint Franois, Le Moule, Grande Anse and St. Anne.

If you want to try some water sports like canoeing, boating or snorkeling head to Ilets Pigeon which is a protected area.

Head to La Pointe des Chateaux (easternmost point in Guadeloupe), a cliff formation which vaguely resembles a castle. But the views of the rest of the Guadeloupe are excellent so it’s totally worth your trip.

Trek in the jungle of Basse-Terre. There are beautiful waterfalls to check out. Some treks are easy and take about 10-15 min but there are also longer tracks of about 3-4 hours.

Rum is an important part of the life on the islands so make sure to tour one of the distilleries. You will need to check the details locally because the opening hours vary from season to season.