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Vacations in Grenada

Grenada comprises several small islands out of which Grenada is the largest and where you’ll find the majority of hotels. Blissfully located outside the hurricane belt, Grenada can be a great place to spend your vacation even during the low season.


Unlike on other islands, on Grenada you won’t find huge hotels and resorts. Here everything is cozy and intimate. The lodges, inns, small boutique hotels are the only accommodation you will find here. Packages are available and most often during the low season you will find excellent vacation packages which include accommodation and some kind of activity.

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Things to do

Grenada is dotted with beautiful beaches such as Grand Anse – considered one of the best on the island – , Levera Bay – also a very good surfing beach – and Morne Rouge. Of course, snorkeling and diving are also very popular in places such as White Island Marine Park, Molinière Reef, Martin’s Bay and Channel Reef.

Grenada is a volcanic island hence the magnificent scenery is just perfect for hiking. There are numerous walking trails on Mount Sinai, Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve and Levara National Park. The volcanic scenery comes with an additional bonus: waterfalls: Annandale Falls and Mount Carmel Waterfall are the most spectacular.

Sailing is a very popular sport in Grenada which attracts a lot of persons willing to show off their yachts. Of course you can also hire small yachts and boats for tours.

Fort George’s and Fort Frederick offer stunning views of St. George’s and the surrounding area.

Grenada is the Isle of Spice so make sure to visit the market and pick up spices as souvenirs. Once you get back home, they will bring back beautiful memories of your vacation.