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Vacations in Barbuda

Part of the country of Antigua and Barbuda, the island of Barbuda has little in come with its sister, other than the English language. Although there are miles of pristine beaches on the island, there are little tourism facilities.


The accommodation is limited and all the hotels and guess houses are privately owned. There are limited tourism facilities although the island does depend on tourism as industry.

You’ll find some all-inclusive resorts on the island and although quite American in look the feel is definitely Caribbean. Also, there are secluded places where you can easily spend days without seeing anyone else. Make sure to book well in advance (preferably by phone).

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What to do

The pristine and secluded beaches are ideal for spending quality time with your significant other. Walk for miles, soak up the sun and enjoy the scenery. Scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, wind-surfing and water skiing activities can be practiced.

The island of Barbuda is home to a huge frigate bird colony, unique in the Caribbean and among the few places in the world where you can see the bird at close range. Make sure to tour the colony.

Also, you can tour Highland house, from where the rich used to look over the fields and make sure everything was going well.

There’s a cave going up to Martello tower, which is free to visit. And the beach is spectacular.

Art Café is the perfect place in town to keep updated with the gossip and to learn about the places to stay.

There are some restaurants in Codrington but you can also grab a bit to eat at the resorts’ restaurants. Don’t forget to try the fresh sea-food.