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Turtle Sports In Cayman Islands

Turtle Sports in the Cayman Islands offers an assortment of exhilarating activities for any water sport lover. From wakeboarding to snorkel trips, this boating experience is one of the most enjoyable vacations available. Turtle Sports offers many activities for both those experienced and inexperienced in water sports.

Some of the various activities they offer include wakeboarding, waterskiing, wakesurfing, snorkel trips, tubing, and even boat charters. The Mastercraft CSX 220, a professional watersports boat, is offered for all of these sports, allowing each activity to be conducted safely and comfortably. The boat also allows for more relaxing activities such as cruising and fishing. Customers do not share a boat with other people, so the entire family can come along and join in the fun.

The CSX 220 allows for these watersports to be conducted in any water condition. The itinerary is also set by the consumer, allowing for flexibility and planning other activities. With all of this included in the trip, Turtle Sports provides a perfect experience for anyone looking for an exciting vacation.

What To Expect

Warm, sunny days are typical on the Cayman Islands. Sunscreen and sunglasses are highly recommended to prevent sunburn and harmful UV rays from the sun. Loose items should be secured as the boat speed and wind can cause customers to lose items. Cool clothing is also suggested due to the warmer weather in the Cayman Islands.

Hours of Operation

The times of travel are set by the customer. Trips must be during the day, typically from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Times are subject to change due to various circumstances.

Admission Cost

For a one and a half hour charter, the cost is $55 per person. There is a two person minimum and six maximum. For a half day trip (4 hours), the cost is $400, 6 people max, and for a full day (8 hours), it is $700, 6 people max. All costs include a watersports instructor, all gear, and fuel for the vessel.

How To Get There

Turtle Sports is located on Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman.