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Travel Insurance

AttentionWhen planning your trip to the Caribbean Islands you are most likely to suffer a bad case of sun burn rather than have a major problem, right? Well, think again. Montserrat is home to an active volcano, which can be really dangerous. Medical care is pretty limited in most Caribbean countries so, for example, if you run into trouble while diving and need treatment for decompression illness, you must be evacuated from the islands. Pick-pockets and purse snatching are quite common but you don’t need to worry if you avoid traveling and sightseeing during the night.

So considering that, no matter if you are a risk-taker or not, maybe it’s not a bad idea to check out the links below and get a quote.

Types of travel insurance

Trip Protection Insurance/ Trip Cancellation Insurance

This type of insurance “protects” your investment or, in other words, covers all the non-refundable travel expenses, in case something goes wrong, such as airline strike, bankruptcy of travel operator, death, “acts of nature” and many more. The insurance cost is calculated based on the total trip cost.

Click here to get more information or a quote on Trip Protection Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance

Travel medical insurance covers all the emergency medical expenses while abroad. If you have a health insurance at home, make sure to ask what expenses are covered if something happens to you while abroad.

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Emergency Evacuation Insurance

As the name implies, emergency evacuation insurance covers all the costs for your emergency evacuation to an adequate medical facility / hospital near your home, if you need emergency evacuation during your vacation in the Caribbean Islands. And considering that medical facilities aren’t at their best here –if at all in some cases- you should considering at least getting a quote if you plan to do any “extreme” activities.

Click here to get more information or a quote on Emergency Evacuation Insurance

Flight/Travel Accident Insurance

This type of insurance protects both you and your family in case anything goes wrong with your flight –including terrorist acts.

Click here to get more information or a quote on Flight/Travel Accident Insurance

Annual Multi-Trip Insurance

As the name implies, this insurance is aimed at frequent travelers –either for business or leisure purposes, being very useful if you plan to visit several countries during the course of the year.

Click here to get more information or a quote on Annual multi-trip Insurance