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The first thing that any traveler should realize about Caribbean is that due to the huge number of islands it is practically impossible to see a lot of destinations on your vacation. So , you should prioritize your must-see list by asking some questions, such as “What do I want to see now?”, and “What can wait until the next trip?”. A very good way to see the Caribbean for the first time and cover quite a lot of things is by to enjoy a Caribbean Tour which takes you to most (if not all) must-see locations on your list.

Airfare to the Caribbean

The Caribbean is pretty far from Europe but it’s very close to the United States. Therefore, airfare from the US is cheap and there are plenty of offers available, while if you fly from Europe you’ll have to do a bit of research before planning a trip. Do plan in advance and avoid the high season if you want to save some more money.

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The Caribbean Travel Deals page is updated regularly with deals and discounts on Caribbean travel and accommodation.

Where to Stay in the Caribbean

After choosing the island(s), choosing the accommodation is very important as it can really make or break a vacation. You can stay in budget hotels if you need basic facilities. Backpackers will appreciate the choice of hostels , while those looking for freedom should look into vacation rentals . If you want luxury or plan to spend your honeymoon here, then the resorts are for you.

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Getting around the Caribbean

Choosing the right transport for you definitely depends on which islands you’ll be visiting. On most of the large ones, renting a car is definitely the best choice. Others have excellent public transport, so taking the buses will solve the problem. Renting a bike or a scooter might prove versatile as well. Whatever you choose make sure to always get a map of the city/island before you start exploring on your own. And don’t assume you can always relay on the GPS.

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Vacation Packages in the Caribbean

Vacation packages are great ways to save money if you want to sacrifice the independence. Especially for Europeans and Northern Americans, vacation packages are the cost-effective options to visit the Caribbean. Whether you get breakfast for free or a free/discounted added to the package, you can use the money saved to absolutely anything else. Plus, all the planning is done for you.

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