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Tours are an excellent way to explore any country or area. Aside from the advantage of offering a relaxing way to explore a new place, tours fit any budget and any type of traveler.

Nature Tours

Nature travel is quite a big part of traveling within the Caribbean area. You can explore the tropical forests, go turtle watching, try canoeing, hiking, kayaking, scuba diving , swim with the dolphins and plenty other activities that can be practiced in the nature.

Each Caribbean island is famous for its own landmarks, so when choosing a nature tour you should consider what you want to do and what new experiences you want to try.

City Tours

When visiting a city, tours can be a great way to visit the landmarks without the hassle of figuring out the itinerary yourself and how to get from one place to another. Such tours can be excellent history lessons for the children.

Day Tours

When you decide to stay in a larger town, you don’t need to be “stuck” there all the time. Just rent a car or take advantage of the public transport to explore the areas located close by. Many excellent destinations are located within short driving distances of the cities.

Adventure Tours

The Caribbean is known for being an excellent destination for the nature lovers. If you are up to it, just check out these excellent Caribbean adventure tours to suit your vacation plans. You can book a tour ahead of time in order to save some money.

Top 5 Caribbean Adventure Tours

Cuba Libre : 8 days, $899 per person
This week long tour offers the possibility to discover the history of Cuba and its superb beaches. Spend time in Havana and then explore the rural part of the country. You can try horseback riding or hiking. Then it’s off to the beaches and to learn about the Cuban tobacco industry. And on the way back to Havana, it’s time to explore a mountain resort.

Best of Cuba : 15 days, $1785 per person
This 15 days tour takes you from the historical streets of Havana to the beaches of the Caribbean, experiencing the colonial heritage, the music and the dance the country is well-known for. Learn about the cigars, the rum and the rumba, while falling in the love with Cuba.

Cuba Family Adventure : 10 days, $1399 per person
Cuba is an excellent destination for a fun-family vacation. The streets of Havana are open-air museums, a real-life history lesson for the kids. The Caribbean beaches offer the possibly to spend an active time checking out new places.

Cycle Cuba : 8 days, $1049 per person
Cycling is an excellent way to explore a country, especially if you decide to head outside the cities. This 8 days tour takes travelers to the Guaniguanico and El Rosario mountain ranges, where they can experience the Cuban culture at its best.

Rum and Rumba : 15 days, $1610 per person
Explore Cuba from the historical streets of Havana to the Caribbean beaches. Soak up the colonial heritage, try the famous rum and learn the sensual rumba.

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