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Things to do in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has a lot to offer to its visitors. There are options for those are looking for an adventure holiday , a historical sightseeing or a romantic escape. Of course, there are plenty other things to do which don’t fall in those categories. If you have Puerto Rico on your mind for your next vacation, read on.

Visit El Morro

This six-storey fortress, properly called El Fuerto San Felipe del Morro, was built to deter sea attacks. Today, it’s one of the most important sightseeing stops in Puerto Rico both for its historical value and for the lovely views of the Atlantic. You can explore the fortress at your own pace so make sure to bring good walking shoes. Admission is US$3 for adults.

Explore Fort San Cristobal

It was built to protect San Juan from sea attacks and although impressive , it’s not as popular among tourists as El Morro. Still, it’s the Caribbean and the area doesn’t lack visitors. If you plan to explore the fortress at your pace and without too much crowd, plan your visit in the morning or late afternoon. It can be visited on the same day as El Morro. Admission is US$3 (or US$5 for both sites).

An amazing night view at Mosquito Bay

By day, Mosquito Bay is a lovely beach , a good choice for sunbathing and other water-related activities. By night, however, the sky and water have a bluish glow thanks to the bioluminescent organisms which live here. Avoid visiting the bay during a full moon (it’s too much light and the blue show is not as visible).

A walk in Old San Juan

Put on your walking shoes, grab your camera and enjoy this beautiful area of San Juan. You can explore the historical sites, go shopping and stop at restaurants when you need a break.

Shopping and eating in Calle del Cristo

It’s a picturesque area dotted with restaurants and shops. So you can shop to your heart’s (errr wallet’s) desire and then stop and refuel. Don’t forget your camera as the area offers excellent opportunities to take some great shots.

A day at the beach

You can choose among the many beaches on Puerto Rico and it’s impossible not to find something for your taste. Sun Bay on Vieques island is a good option if you don’t need the “city” vibe but want all the facilities.

Carolina Beach is another popular option which comes with the usual crowds. Still, there’s life guard on duty which is excellent especially if you plan to take the kids to the beach.

Luquillo Beach is another family beach with calm waters. Of course, it’s also very crowded.

Condado Beach is a good option for those who stay in San Juan. It’s crowded, has a lot of facilities and also offers the possibility to practice water sports.

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Hike in El Yunque

This is the only tropical forest in the U.S. National Forest System and has 13 well marked trails. It’s a heaven for those who want to hike and spend time in the nature. Make sure to bring a water resistant camera.

Drive the Ruta Panorámica

The Ruta Panorámica is one of the most scenic roads in the Caribbean. Rent a car and explore the island at your own pace. Aibonito to Adjuntas is perhaps the most scenic part of the route.

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Photo credits : El Morro , Fort San Cristobal , Old San Juan , Beach , Rainforest , Ruta Panoramica