Fat Fish Adventures – Cayman Islands is a spectacular place you must visit while traveling in and around the Cayman Islands. This attraction offers much fun and excitement for the adventurer in all. At Fat Fish Adventures you will find yourself surrounded by the beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean and all of its inhabitants. We provide the best service […]

Fat Fish Adventures – Cayman Islands

Aruba is a year round destination for travelers heading to the Caribbean. With warm temperatures and beautiful beaches, it makes sense that water activities rate high. With the aqua blue ocean beckoning you to explore it’s depths up close, you can’t resist. Begin your adventure into the watery world below with snorkeling. Snap on your snorkel and mask and check […]

Best Places to Snorkel in Aruba

The Jacques Cousteau Underwater Reserve is a marine reserve located near the Caribbean town of Bouillante in Guadeloupe. If it’s good enough to be named after the Elvis Presley of underwater exploration, it’s clearly good enough for your next vacation. The Cousteau Reserve encompasses the Pigeon Islands, comprised of three tiny islets in the middle of the reserve. The abundance […]

Jacques Cousteau Marine Reserve

Scuba diving and snorkeling are one of the Caribbean’s main attractions, with crystal clear, warm water and reef systems teeming with wildlife. I’ve done my fair share of snorkeling in the Caribbean, Australia and Belize, but I have seldom known what exactly I was seeing. As far as I was concerned “I saw a real pretty blue fish, and some […]

Scuba Diving in the Caribbean